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Want to become a master chef? Multifunctional vegetable slicer to help you!

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The desire of anyone who loves to cook is to be a master chef or like i will like to call it "to be the god of the kitchen". You most definitely have imagined that in the kitchen a lot of times.

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Cooking for most people can be a very tedious task, especially cutting of vegetables, because you will have to cut carrots and potatoes into shreds, and cut cucumbers into slices and eventually cook your meal to serve breakfast, launch or dinner on time depending on how large your family is.


If this describes your everyday experience in the kitchen, then you need a multifunctional vegetable slicer that can make the whole process effortless. 

Multifunctional vegetable cutter

Cooking can be fun and exciting if you apply the use of a multifunctional vegetable cutter  which will not only make it effortlessly, but your vegetables will be cut into noodle-like shapes with no effort.

Today, UNAKU recommends a vegetable cutting artifact for everyone, 

which is comparable to a chef's 10 years of knife work. 

It consists of a vegetable cutter, a hand protector, 7 knives and a storage box, and the vegetable cutter uses a double-layer design, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also allows the cutter to be included in it without occupying extra space. The knives are made of stainless steel. Different shape molds that cut out different kinds of food shapes.Here are the Benefits of a multifunctional vegetable slicer we can have by owning a vegetable slicer.


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1: Can cut all kinds of vegatables

Of course, shredding is its essential housekeeping skill. The shredding blade can cut vegatables whether it is thick and/or thin, such as cucumber, potato, radish, and lettuce. It can be seen to be very thick and uniform. The length is the same, and you can the job done in seconds!




2: Can cut various pieces

The slicing blade can cut thick slices, thin slices, flower slices, such as cucumber slices, potato slices, lemon slices, and so on. It remind you of potato chips and lemon tea.



3. Can be used to cut all kinds of dices

You can easily use it to dice vegetables,  fruits etc... whetehr you want it very small, medium size or even large in size. You can make cold dishes, various vegetable and fruit salad.



4: Can grind garlic minced ginger

Garlic and ginger, which are usually used as condiments, can be made at once with a grinding blade.




5: Hand protection artifact does not hurt hands

This multifunctional vegetable slicer also comes with a hand protector. Using hand protectors when cutting shorter dishes will protect your hands from been injured by the shape blades.



6: Soaking drain function

The bottom is soaked and drained, allowing you to easily clean the cut vegetables.



box.pngIf your desire is to be a master chef or like i will like to call it "to be the god of the kitchen, then i believe reading this article has given you more than one reason why you need a multifunctional vegetable slicer. If you will like to purchase one for your home immediately, UNAKU is a trusted source to purchase your very own multifunctional vegetable cutter, click the link to purchase right away:

Hurry now and check it out and get full details about this amazing multifunctional vegetable slicer. For example, the non-slip handle and the non-slip mat design at the bottom make it easy to grasp and can be easily fixed on a smooth surface, while the storage box ensures that the shredded slices are no longer messy and can easily be organized.

This set of cut flowers, thick slices, flakes, millets, thick silk, filaments, hand protection, storage, cleaning in one artifact. 

The material used is a degradable synthetic board, non-polluting, healthy and environmentally friendly, and does not contain any heavy metal. Protect your health and the health of your family.

UNAKU currently has two different multifunctional vegetable  slider in stock that will come in handy for anyone that considers themselves as a master of the kitchen. If you like the following vegetable cutters, please click the product link to purchase it and make a delicious meal for your family.





If you want to learn more about our products, tips on lifestyle and beauty, please stay tuned for UNAKU's updates.

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