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Three-year development plan

2021-06-10Click Volume: 1403

UNAKU encourages herself not only to become an indispensable high-quality clothing brand in the lives of African people in the next three years, but also to provide diversified employment for Africa fashion practitioners, and establish an Africa's local self-operated characteristic brand.


There are 7 wishes:

1. We hope that every Africa woman has at least one piece of UNAKU clothing in her closet.

2. We hope every month there are over 1000 designers who are partnering with UNAKU get good incomes.

3. We hope every city has 30-100 clothing stores can get free UNAKU clothing to sell and get good benefits.

插图2 消费者模特图、设计师、门店副本.jpg

4. We hope every city has 10,000 UNAKU city partners helping to develop UNAKU and have a better life.

5. We hope UNAKU builds 10 factories in 5 Countries from Africa to help nature local clothing manufacture industry.

插图3 合伙人、工厂非洲的。.jpg

6. We hope UNAKU app can be the NO.1 clothing online shopping app in Africa.

7. We hope UNAKU is the brand for elegant, unique, energetic and casual luxury ladies.

插图4 APP 和品牌LOGO。.jpg

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