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The 9 Reasons Why You Must Shop With UNAKU

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Welcome to online store.

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The Unaku brand come up with trendy designs; mainly office and daily luxury styles which meet the requirements of mature, fashionable and beautiful ladies. Our concept is elegant, unique, energetic, casual and luxurious. It is important to us how these ladies are fragranced, so we came up with perfumes to help them fully epitomize the part. We also have household appliances and items to enables them live life at the fullest with the right electronics, kitchen utensils, kiddies’ shoes and decoration. 

Here are 9 Reasons Why You Must Shop With Us


1.Delicate designs, quality fabrics which are stylish;

2.Mass discounts; too good to be true;

3.Mass flash sale TO SAVE MONEY;


4.Many coupons;

5.Points' mall. Do you know you can get hair/ wig, earrings, hand jewelry, necklace, hats, cosmetic bags etcetera for free if have bought clothes from our website? Every 500 Naira you spend on Unaku products is one (1) point to your credit. You can use these points to exchange for hair/ wig, earrings, hand jewelry, necklace, hats, cosmetic bags etcetera;

6.From time to time we reply and make the order processing easy as we have Live Chat by Whatsapp and Call attached at our website;


7.After sale service, if there is quality problem, you can ask for a refund, return or exchange of the item within 7 working days;

8.Earn with referral - you can also earn money by referring us to more people, click here to know more;

9.Flexible payment - You can pay online, call to place your order or pay on delivery, which is risk zero;

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Click the coupon to enjoy 2000 Naira for your first purchase.

Are you looking for a nice place box.pngto shop for quality clothing at an affordable budget; which will make you come out spinning heads when you’re dressed up and even put some money in your pocket while at it? Look no further. We’ve got you covered. Just sign up at to get started with your new customer vouchers now.

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Aug 23, 2020 15:41

Sure 9 reason indeed