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What is ‘Unaku Moments’?

Moments is a communication platform in the women's clothing industry initiated by Unaku based on her clothing mission (that is, to unite fashion enthusiasts and make African designs rise). The public can publish online at Unaku Moments their daily fashion outfits, opinions, figures, or information, and invite friends to comment on their posts. They will be able to view other consumers' buying experience as they go. Unaku's partners (such as designers, partner offline stores, city partners, etcetera) can also promote Unaku's products and cooperation projects to the public here. This way they can guide the public to experience or join Unaku, and get better bonuses.


What can I get if I post my moments here?

To encourage the public to actively participate, Moments have set up a point reward system. Publishers can easily use them to redeem their free clothes, wigs, necklaces, bracelets, and other items at Unaku’s gift center. Firstly, if you meet 10 likes and comments on a post, you can get 3 points. Secondly, if your post is selected as a public post by Unaku, through its social media platform, you can earn 10 points. Thirdly, sometimes, Unaku will specify the subject of the post. If you post according to the subject, you can have the opportunity to get higher points rewards and redeem more gifts.


There are 3 main types of content that you are free to post and view at Unaku Moments


1. Share your Fashion Moments

In Unaku daily, people can post their daily wears and opinions on events in the fashion industry, and participate in postings based on the themes set by Unaku.

Here are 3 suggestions for getting more points to redeem gifts faster.

a) Publish clear pictures.

b) Invite friends around you to like or comment on your posts.

c) Keep updated posts that meet the requirements above.

2. Experience people’s shopping tour at UNAKU.

In the shoppers and winners section, Moments’ system is authorized by the user, so it can automatically update the clothing product purchase orders of Unaku’s customers, and their redeeming points for gift orders or other discounted orders. New people can learn about Unaku or judge Unaku's services through the shopping experience of users. Unaku always welcomes new users to join.


3. Join the Business talks at Unaku

In the business center, on the one hand, people can see that Unaku partners publish the information of the promotion they’ve joined from Unaku, so they can get the benefits. For example, an Unaku fashion designer can call on the public to participate in the voting of his/her design drafts to let Unaku see their designs are popular; an affiliate can promote Unaku’s preferential purchase policies, such as Get It Free, flash sale, etcetera, to enable the customer to act; a chain or an agent store of Unaku can post what Unaku products they have in their store and guide people to shop from them. On the other hand, anyone who meets the terms and conditions can plug into the Unaku business model by becoming an affiliate, a chain or an agent store after he or she has seen how other people are promoting Unaku and getting benefits from here. To be a part of this, download the Unaku App and register.


Join UNAKU Moments Now

You are welcome to post your content and pictures on ‘Unaku Moments’ and make it become a part of your routine; an essential way to communicate, shop, find things to do and check the business idea in the fashion industry. Click here to start.


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