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Save cost at UNAKU’s Pre-sale

2021-06-11Click Volume: 1596

Pre-sale is an event where customers can decide what kind of products UNAKU shall build. Suppose there is a customer named Susan. Susan can vote yes if she likes it and hope UNAKU can sell it in coming days. 

插图2 预售产品列表和问题回答 (1).jpg

And if Susan wants to have it, she can simply pay a booking fee which is the deposit as shown so Susan will enjoy pre-order price which is normally much cheaper than the normal for sale price when the products are ready for sale. So when the product is on, Susan only pay balance due to the pre-sale price while other people need to pay the normally price. If the product is not on sale as the time promised, Susan can request her pre-order fee back from UNAKU.

插图3 产品详情,半价-定金,别人付全价对比图 (1).jpg

The beauty of pre-sale is customer can enjoy almost half price through paying a deposit fee as shown and enjoy no risk to get booking fee back if the product is never been sold. You can click here to see the complete pre-sale blog and share to other people. And if you cannot see products that you want UNAKU to sell in future, you can click the icon on the top right and write down what you want so UNAKU will try to buy for you from China market.

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Is it nice? You can go for pre-sale at homepage and enjoy it.

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