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Getting started with Clothing Illustration—table of Contents

2020-07-10Click Volume: 1306

Getting started with Clothing Illustration—table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting started with Clothing Illustration

1.table of Contents


3.Common tools and basic techniques in fashion painting

4.The real and false lines and the use of markers

5.Exploring the human body structure of fashion drawings

6.Steps to draw head, hands and feet


Chapter 2: Costume painting techniques

1.The drawing steps of the sleeve

2.The drawing steps of the collar

3.The drawing steps of the coat

4.The drawing steps of the dress

5.The drawing steps of African mufti-ethnic costumes

6.The drawing steps of satin

7.The drawing steps of the hem

8.The drawing steps of tops and pants

9.The drawing steps of the jumpsuit

Chapter 3: Clothing Pattern

1.Traditional patterns

2.Geometric patterns(A)

3.Geometric patterns(B)

4.Animal patterns(A)

5.Animal patterns(B)

6.Plant patterns(A)

7.Plant patterns(B)


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