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How to get free clothing stock to sell as UNAKU’s offline Partner store?

2021-06-21Click Volume: 1617

UNAKU as a clothing brand has its online app UNAKU and also seeks offline partner stores to show or sell together. So the partner physical store can get UNAKUs high quality clothing to sell and earn profits. 

So it is a win-win cooperation and is accorded with UNAKUs mission which is to unit fashion entrepreneurs and make Africa designs rise.

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There are two ways to choose for offline stores to partner with UNAKU.

The first one is to apply as UNAKU chain store. If you have an offline store and would like to sell Unaku’s high-quality female clothing line without worrying about money for stock, then, register under Unaku Chain Store for free. 

You will enjoy free stock and a 30% profit/ commission from every sale. 

In this case you will need to hang UNAKU banner in front of your store and stores need to sell same price as the UNAKU app does. Chain stores can only sell UNAKU products at their stores.

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The second one is to apply as UNAKU agent store. If you have a real offline store and would like to include Unaku’s high-quality woman clothing, register as an Unaku Agent Store for free and enjoy discounted stock prices. 

In the first deal, you will get your first Unaku wholesale order (within 10 clothing-free) to sell and pay off within 2 months. Agent stores can sell also their own products but need to separate UNAKUs products at one area in their stores and stand a UNAKU roll-up banner to help customers recognize UNAKU products and stores need to sell same price as the UNAKU app does.


No matter which stores you choose to do, you don’t need to worry about unsold stock because stores can return the same goods in good condition, if the stock is not sold.

Click here to apply as UNAKUs offline partner stores.

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