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How do Fashion designers to benefit from UNAKU?

2021-06-21Click Volume: 1368

Here is a challenge faced by some in the fashion industry in Africa; talented designers cannot get well paid through their sketches so they started to sew themselves, but it is slow to sew many pieces for a massive sale, even if they have the tailors; not to talk of the challenges and cost of good marketing.

So, clothing lines, capitals, systematical sales methods require a huge investment to start. These complicated lines to earn well is a big challenge that undermines their confidence and blocks the development of the African clothing industry.

90% of the clothing sold locally still comes from overseas brands. Sadly, not every African can wear their own Ankara or other national designs because they can’t be delivered fast and conveniently. Except they choose the expensive way of custom making (buying fabric, find a tailor, wait days and go for fitting to adjust the measurements and so on)


Unaku comes out

Unaku has come with the solution to unit fashion designers to enable African clothing industry to rise. We wish to see the African clothing industry boom; where designers can get good returns and customers can purchase African designs at their fingertip. Unaku desires to be a high-quality fashion brand in Africa. Our solution is simple, designers will only design (Just do what they are professional at), while Unaku’s clothing factory in china will produce, fund the production, sales and share profits with the designers or pay them a design fee in advance.

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How we operate

First, download the Unaku app on your phone. Open it and go to “Join us” and click “Join as Unaku Designer”.

On this page, you will see two options.For fashion illustrators and For clothing tailors, read the briefs to understand their differences and pick the option that suits you. The fashion illustrators system is for those who draw clothing designs but they don’t sew them, while the tailoring designer system is for those who sew and sell their designs to market; probably have their physical store or social pages with massive followership. Unaku has different systems in place to work with these categories of designers. To learn more about each of them, click on their project introduction.

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No matter which designers’ type you are, the Unaku mission to unite designers and other fashion enthusiasts to boom the fashion industry by taking advantages and everyone can benefit from it. Start your trip on the Unaku app now. Let us work out this great mission.  

Click here to start!


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