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Earn Naira as UNAKU marketers

2020-03-26Click Volume: 4116

UNAKU Referral is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers sign up and buy products at UNAKU. It’s completely free to join and easy to use.


You will provide potential consumers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase products you advertise, and when they do, you can earn up to 5% from their deal as your referral fee.

So, keep referring people to sign up by your link and share our products pictures to your page to earn cash every day.


Share 50k Naira and get gifts

-If you have more than 50 sign-ups under your link, you will be enrolled into our ranking list. We will select top 10 people of the list each week and distribute 50k Naira relative to their users sign up percentage. One person has one chance to win the ranking cash. Each sign up under your link worth 2 points and with points you can exchange hair, necklaces, bangles, earrings, hats and bags. Please click here to know how to convert points to gifts.


Free tutoring

- Each week we will post tutoring documents on our site and our social pages, introducing how to get more people to register through your link and get more commission. So It is important to read and drop your ideas or question to us for higher incomes. we have a facebook group for the tutoring, so Join here to avoid missing out.

If you’re interested, 

follow our three simple steps to be an UNAKU Affiliate Marketer:

• First, sign up on,

• Click on user centre and copy your link from the top of your user center,

• Get your friends register or buy via your affiliated link.


Your invite code will automatically be on their sign up page.

For example D905CM is your link and, the D905CM at the end of the link is your invite code and you see it in your user center.


You can also share your invite code to your audience and ask them to fill it in their sign-up page




That’s how to track your benefits. So it is important to let people sign up through your link before they purchase.


That’s so simple and straight forward.

If you want to track your benefits yourself:

• Click on user centrebox.png

• Click on commission

You will see your ‘commission withdraw’, ‘Commission details list’, ‘your register list and ‘purchases from your link’.


When you are through with the above, focus on your earnings.


We have 3 suggestions for you to earn faster and more.


Firstly, announce your link among your friends and followers.


Hey guys, I am introducing you UNAKU online shopping mall selling brand clothing, household equipment, kids shoes and perfumes. Every day there is flash sale at amazing price, discounts. Pay on delivery available. Copy my link into your browser to sign up now. (you can also say your own words)


My link is  (e.g.) D905CM

Post the above caption with the picture below


to get the original picture, please go to our Facebook or Instagram to find this picture and share the clear version to your page.


Our facebook is UNAKU-upenda africa fashion clothing; Instgram UNAKU_africa_fashion.




It is easy for you to get your first 50 sign-ups at the beginning because people are curious about new things and with more than 50 sign-ups, you will get the chance to share weekly 50k Naira.


Secondly, Advertise the products you like regularly.

You can get our products’ pictures or videos from our web, Facebook,Instagram, tumblr, and youtube. It is easy when you just directly share our post to your page and remember to leave your link for people to use to sign up.


We recommend that  you do this regularly, e.g. one day one post or one post at every two days. So people believe you more.


Try to get 5-10 new sign-ups each day so the more sign-ups you have from your link, the more opportunity for you to get commission. It's great if you know how to communicate with potential buyers when they show interests to buy, so you earn commission.


But It is not a problem if you are too busy or not sure on how to talk to people because we will do that for you!


Thirdly, Learn and ask.


Every week, we will have free tutoring materials for you to market more professionally and attract more customers to sign up at your link, so just read and ask if you have any questions from our tutoring.


Earn commission even while you are sleeping!


It is simple! It is guaranteed! It is also a path to financial freedom and a better life.


Know more about Us


A Brief History About UNAKU Fashion

Our brand name, UNAKU is from Nakupenda, which is a Swahili word meaning I love you. It is the language of Kenya, Tanzania and other countries in Africa. UNAKU and Upenda are the sister trading names of UNAKU Upenda Group who is contributing to bring modern prosperity to Africa by making fashion designers, online Marketers, fashion influencers and Partner Boutiques work together in building an ecosystem that will help everyone start and grow their own wildly profitable business, so they can build the business (and the life) they’ve been dreaming of, by building our common Female fashion brand called UNAKU.

UNAKU is an upscale women clothing line for middle and high-end women that desires to look classy, stylish, contemporary and modern, tailored with elegance in mind.

Our design concept is elegance, uniqueness, energy and casual luxury. We mainly design office wear, occasional wear and high taste casual wear.

Our ultimate goal is to help women develop their personal style that will enhance our reputation as a truly unique women clothing line that makes them look and feel special.

Whenever they step out, they will definitely make a statement with their outfits.

At UNAKU fashion, we use good quality fabrics and high-level sewing machines to express our excellent design ideas. Customers could buy UNAKU fashion clothes from our official website

Upenda is the platform for African designers to get benefits from their creative works.

At Upenda, we collect designs from Africa designers. The official designer web is

After intending fashion designers sign up through our website and get approved, We will sign an agreement with designers, and if their designs get picked we will enroll their designs in UNAKU Production Plan.

UNAKU Upenda will produce the approved designs in mass quantity and sell clothes made with these designs on our website.

Fashion designers will be able to traced how many purchases has been made from every design produced and sold at

Fashion designers will automatically receive a commission from the sale figure of his or her designs that gets approved by us. We support Cash Withdraw every 15 days.

Boutiques can apply to be UNAKU partner boutique and get their marketing support for more sales.

Earn Naira as UNAKU city marketers!Join our group Here

Earn points by answering questions

You recommend a website to users, and users buy products on that website. What is the maximum referral fee you can get from it? (1points)
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