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Earn Naira as UNAKU Fashion Marketers

2020-07-15Click Volume: 3219



UNAKU fashion marketer is a Referral program. It is an affiliate marketing that allows EVERYONE to create links and earn 3%-8% commission when customers sign up and buy products at UNAKU from their referral link. 

It is free and easy to be an UNAKU Affiliate City Marketer to earn Naira.

Step 1

Visit to Create an account and copy your referral/invite link from your user center.



Step 2

Share your referral/invite link with your friends, family, and followers who love shopping fashion online. It is better to share our products posts from UNAKU page to your own platform with your link for people to purchase.


Step 3

Check sign-ups referred by your link and trace your commission from their purchases. You can withdraw your commission weekly.



For every one sign-up you bring, you get 2 points and you can go to UNAKU gift mall to exchange for hair, necklaces, bangles, etc. 

You will focus on getting more people signed from your link, we will promote products for people to buy.


Now sign up and get started!

unaku instagram is unaku_fashion; unaku facebook is unaku africa fashion. Join unaku city marketer whatsapp group by clicking here

There is an how-to video about how to get your invite/referral link and check your commission at your dashboard.

Earn points by answering questions

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Angel Embiowei

Sep 5, 2020 21:16

Am very much interested
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Angel Embiowei

Sep 5, 2020 21:14

Am very much interested