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7 ways to Win gifts at UNAKU’s gifts mall

2021-06-11Click Volume: 1430

Gifts mall” is at UNAKU apps homepage and it offers various freebies ranges from fashion accessories, clothing and more. These gifts are valued in points which means you need to get points with which to exchange these gifts.

1 首页点进去,礼物列表,积分兑换点击详情页 (1).jpg

So we have 7 ways to win points at UNAKU. You can pick one or two easiest ways to start. When people have points, they can see in their self center of gifts mall center after they sign up at UNAKU.

2 积分后台余额和商城中心的积分显示 (1).jpg

7 ways to earn points:

No.1 Shop at UNAKU brand. Every 500 Naira you spent will be 1 point.

No.2 Clock in at UNAKU apps homepage and get 1-3 points each day.

No.3 Post your moments according to the required topics and invite your friends to like or comments to earn points from more interaction. Click here to check on Moments.

3 插图 (1).jpg

No.4 Read blogs at UNAKU app and find the answer to the questions at the end of each blog and if you answer right, you win 2 points.

4插图,时尚说点进去博文上下摆放一屏,问题答对积分弹框。 (1).jpg

No.5 Take videos according to UNAKU topics shown at Fashion blogger center from join us part and follow the requirements to send your video to our email box and if we post your video at UNAKU TV and UNAKU social pages, you will win the points.

5插图 加入我们和网红一屏,视频主题圈出来积分奖励和怎么做,TV发布和社媒发布和个人中心加积分。 (1).jpg

No.6 Become our Affiliate to invite more people to sign-up free at UNAKU, and each new sign up from you will bring you 2 points. Check here on how to be UNAKU affiliates.

No.7 Follow us on social media and be active when there is games or giveaways, so as to win points.

6插图 社交媒体账号。 (1).jpg

Start now to get your gifts.

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