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How to Earn Commission as our City Marketer?

UNAKU marker system is a Referral affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers sign up and buy products at UNAKU. And these who have referral links are UNAKU Marketers. It's completely free to join and easy to use.


You will provide potential consumersbox.png the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase products you advertise, and when they do, you can earn up to 5% from their deal as your referral fee.

So, keep referring people to sign up by your link and share our products pictures to your page to earn cash every day.


Follow our three simple steps to be an UNAKU Affiliate Marketer:

First, sign up on

Click on user centre and copy your link from the top of your user center,

Get your friends register or buy via your affiliated

如何成为营销专员 (1).png

Your invite code will automatically be on their sign up page.

For example D905CM is your link and, the D905CM at the end of the link is your invite code and you see it in your user center.

You can also share your invite code to your audience and ask them to fill it in their sign-up page.

That’s how to track your benefits. So it is important to let people sign up through your link before they purchase.

如何成为营销专员 (2).png


That’s so simple and straight forward.

If you want to track your benefits yourself:

Click on user centre

Click on commission

You will see your ‘commission withdraw’, ‘Commission details list’, ‘your register list and ‘purchases from your link’ .

When you are through with the above, focus on your earnings.

如何成为营销专员 (3).png

We have 3 suggestions for you to earn faster and more.


Firstly, announce your link among your friends and followers.

如何成为营销专员 (4).png

Follow us on instagram, click here; To follow us on facebook, click here.


Secondly, Advertise the products you like regularly.

You can get our products’ pictures or videos from our web, Facebook,Instagram, tumblr, and youtube. It is easy when you just directly share our post to your page and remember to leave your link for people to use to sign up.


But It is not a problem if you are too busy or not sure on how to talk to people because we will do that for you!


Thirdly, Learn and ask.


You can always dm us at 07067786808 so we will answer your questions and suggest more tips for you.


Earn commission even while you are sleeping!


It is simple! It is guaranteed! It is also a path to financial freedom and a better life.